IXAfter Death of the Grantor of Provisions to Children, Heir succeeding to Estate to make Payment thereof, with Interest.

And be it enacted, That after the Expiration of One Year from the Death of the Grantor of such Provisions to Children as aforesaid, it shall and may be lawful for the Person or Persons having Right to the same, to require the Heir succeeding to the Estate to make Payment of the said Provisions, with the legal Interest thereof, from the Term at which the Right of such succeeding Heir to the Rents of the Estate did commence, after receiving a proper Discharge thereof, or Assignment to the same: and if the Money shall not be paid within Three Months after Requisition of Payment shall be made as aforesaid, it shall then be lawful for the Person or Persons having Right to any such Provision, to institute an Action in the Court of Session against the Heir then in Possession, for compelling him or her to pay the Money and Interest thereof; and on obtaining a Decree, the Person or Persons in whose Favour Decree shall be made, shall be at liberty to use every Kind of Diligence or Execution authorized by the Law of Scotland, in recovering the Payment of Debts, except Adjudication, against the Entailed Estate.