XIIIThe Street or Row called Market Row South, to be shut up.

And whereas a certain Street or Place called Market Row South, situate on the South Side of Saint James's Market, in the Parish of Saint James within the Liberty of Westminster, hath been used tor several Years past, by the Permission of His Majesty's Lessees, as a public Street or Thoroughfare, but the Soil and Freehold of the said Street have remained and continued and are now vested in His Majesty in Right of His Crown: And whereas the Commissioners for carrying the said Act of the Fifty-third Year of the Reign of His Majesty into Execution are empowered to cause several of the Streets, Ways, Passages, or Places therein described to be widened, altered, flopped up, or improved; but Doubts have arisen whether such Powers extend to authorize or enable the said Commissioners to flop up the said Street called Market Row South; but such Street has ceased to be any longer used as a public Thoroughfare, in consequence of another Street or Way being about to be opened from Norris Street into the New Street in lieu or stead thereof; and of the Alterations now made and making in the Neighbourhood thereof, and it is desirable that the said Street and the Soil and Freehold thereof should be vested in His Majesty, freed and discharged from all public or other Rights of palling or repassing over the same; now therefore it is hereby further enacted, That the said Street or Place called Market Row South shall henceforth for ever hereafter cease to be a public Street, Way, or Passage, and that the Soil and Freehold of the said Street or Place shall remain and continue at all Times hereafter vested in His Majesty, His Heirs or Successors, freed and discharged from all public and private Right of passing or repassing over and along the same, and that the same Street, and the Scite, Soil, and Freehold thereof, shall be liable to be fold, exchanged, Leased, or disposed of by the Commissioners for carrying the said last-mentioned Act into Execution, in such and the like Manner as any other of the Estates or Possessions of the Crown which are comprized within the Provisions of the said last-mentioned Ad, and which shall not be wanted for the Purposes of such Ad, are thereby authorized to be fold, exchanged, or Leased.