XXVIIAcquittal of Public Accountants for Money issued to them from the Treasury, &c

And whereas Doubts have arisen as to the Mode of discharging Persons being Public Accountants in Ireland, in respect of Money issued to them out of the Treasury of Ireland or otherwise, whose Accounts have been audited by the Commissioners of Public Accounts, or the Commissioners of Military Accounts in that Part of the United Kingdom, and it is proper and necessary that Provision mould be" made for that Purpose ; be it therefore enacted, That in all Cafes where the Commissioners for auditing the Public Accounts in Ireland, or the Commissioners of Military Accounts in Ireland, shall have audited and certified, or shall hereafter audit and certify any Account whatsoever of any Public Accountant, and it shall satisfactorily appear to the said Commissioners respectively, upon such Examination and Proof as to them shall seem expedient, that such Accountant is even and quit with the Public on such Account, it shall and may be lawful for the said Commissioners for auditing the Public Accounts, and for the said Commissioners of Military Accounts, and they are hereby respectively authorized and required, under their Signature, to acquit and discharge, and grant a Quietus to such Public Accountant; and such Acquittance, Discharge, or Quietus, shall be good, valid, and effectual, to all Intents and Purposes, and shall be taken and received by any Court of Law or Equity in the United Kingdom, in Bar of any Suit or Process against such Public Accountant who shall have received the same for any Matter or Thing touching the Period of Account, with respect to which such Acquittal, Discharge, or Quietus shall have been granted.