IIAllowances to the Royal Family to be paid at the Exchequer without Fee & Reward.

And be it further enacted, That the said several and respective Allowances, Sums of Money and Annuities as aforesaid, shall be issued and paid out of the said Consolidated Fund, after paying and reserving sufficient to pay all such Sums as shall have been directed to be paid out of the same by any Act or Acts of Parliament made and passed before the palling of this Act, and with Preference to all other Payments which shall or may at any Time after the passing of this Act be charged upon and payable out of the said Fund, and shall be paid and payable at the Receipt of His Majesty's Exchequer out of the said Fund, and the Auditor of the said Receipt shall and he is hereby required to make forth and pass Debentures from Time to Time for paying the said respective Sums, as the same shall become due and payable, without any Fees or Charges to be demanded or; taken for paying the same or any Part thereof; and the respective Acquittance or Acquittances, Receipt or Receipts of Their said Royal Highnesses respectively, as to each of the said Allowances, Sums of Money or Annuities aforesaid, or of such other Person or Persons as shall be by them respectively duly authorized and appointed to-receive their respective Allowances, Sums of Money or Annuities as aforesaid, or any Part' thereof, shall be good and sufficient Discharges for the Payment thereof respectively; and the said Debentures to be made forth and passed for carrying into Execution the Provisions of this Act shall be a sufficient Authority to the several and respective Officers of the Receipt of the Exchequer now and for the Time being, for the Payment of the said respective Sums of Money, without any further or other Warrant to be fued for, had or obtained in that Behalf; and that the said respective Sums of Money so to be paid, shall be free and clear from all Taxes, Rates, and Assessments, and all other Charges whatsoever. S