Duchy of Lancaster Act 1808

  1. II.Land for Garden not to be granted for longer time than the Term of the House to which it is to be attached.

  2. III.No Lease for Lives of Crown Lands to be granted in future.

  3. IV.Grown Leases for Gardens may be renewed, as the Leases of Houses may under Act 34 G.3 c.75.

  4. V.Leases may be renewed at any Time, as far as relates to Lands deemed proper for Gardens.

  5. VI.Surveyor General may, with the Consent of the Treasury, purchase Leases of Premises for the Public Service.

  6. VII.Powers of Renewal in renewable Cafes, where Leases surrendered.

  7. VIII.Expences of new Leases, upon Surrender of subsisting Leases, to be paid for by Lessees.

  8. IX.Surveyor General empowered to authorize the making nunc pro tunc Enrolments, Entries, or Dockets of Leases, omitted to be made within the proper Time.

  9. X.Duchy of Lancaster may sell certain Lands.

  10. XI.Surveyor General may sell the Premises herein mentioned.

  11. XII.Duchy of Lancaster and Surveyor General empowered to order Investment in Three per Cent. Consols or Three per Cent. Reduced.

  12. XIII.Surveyor General empowered to contract for the Enfranchifement of Copyholds, and Safe of Manerial Rights be longing to Manors of the Crown.

  13. XIV.Such Property not to be sold, but with the Consent of the Treasury.

  14. XV.Purchase Money for Enfranchisements and Sale to be paid into the Bank and invested in the Three Percents.

  15. XVI.Surveyor General to grant Certificate to Persons with whom he contracts, upon Production of which at the Bank, and Payment of the Money Bank to give Receipts.

  16. XVII.Extending Provisions of 34 G.3 to Sales under, this Act.

  17. XVIII.Sales and Crown Leases made, not to be defeated for want of proper Stamps; and those to be made to be exempt from Stamp Duties.

  18. XIX.Where Houses of certain Value agreed to be built on Land under Lease from the Crown, whereon other Houses are Handing, new Leases of the Whole maybe granted.

  19. XX.Where any new Building is agreed to be erected on Crown Land for the Enlargement of any House held under any Lease from the Crown, new Leases may be granted.

  20. XXI.Powers vetted in Commissioners of Treasury to grant and renew Leases of certain Kinds of Property, upon such Terms, as to Rents and Durations, as they shall think expedient.

  21. XXII.Power of 34 G.3 to, renew Leases of Waste Commons, extended to any other Lands comprized in the same Lease with such Waste Lands.

  22. XXIII.Rent to be reserved in Cases where Houses are to be rebuilt or newly erected upon demised Land, whereon are other Houses not intended to be rebuilt.

  23. XXIV.Lords of Treasury empowered to reserve the whole Consideration in Rent, where old Buildings are substantial.

  24. XXV.Discretionary Power veiled In Lords of the Treasury in certain Cafes, to admit of Consideration being paid, either in Rent only, or partly in Rent and partly in Fine.

  25. XXVI.In Lease of Mines, &c. Treasury empowered to reserve a Part of the Produce, or a Duty upon the Value of it, instead of any other Rent.

  26. XXVII.Rights and Interests of the Crown in the Forest of Brecknock may be fold.

  27. XXVIII.The Duchy or Surveyor General empowered by Authority of Treasury, to exchange Lands of the Crown for Lands of Individuals, under certain Regulations.

  28. XXIX.Treasury empowered to pay or accept Money for equalizing Exchange.

  29. XXX.The Duchy or Surveyor General empowered to make and accept Conveyance of Lands exchanged; which shall be in Form following.

  30. XXXI.Act may be altered or repealed this Session.