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32 The chief baron added to the number of commissioners for the reduction of the national debt.U.K.

And whereas by the said recited Act of the twenty-sixth year of his present Majesty’s reign the speaker of the House of Commons, the Chancellor of his Majesty’s Exchequer, the master of the Rolls, [F1the Accountant-General of the Supreme Court], and the governor and deputy governor of the Bank of England for the time being respectively were appointed commissioners for carrying the said Act into execution: In addition to the commissioners appointed by the said Act, [F2the Lord Chief Justice], or in his absence, any one of [F3the judges of the High Court] for the time being respectively, shall be a commissioner for carrying into execution the purposes of the said recited Acts of the twenty-sixth, thirty-second, and forty-second years of his present Majesty’s reign and of this Act, and shall have and be invested with such and the same powers and authorities in all respects as if the chief baron or baron of the said Court of Exchequer respectively had been appointed a commissioner by the said Act of the twenty-sixth year aforesaid.