Land Compensation Act 1961

20Power to prescribe matters relevant to Part III

The provisions which may be made by a development order shall include provision for regulating the manner in which applications under section seventeen or nineteen of this Act and appeals under section eighteen of this Act are to be made and dealt with respectively, and in particular—

(a)for prescribing (subject to the provisions of subsection (4) of section seventeen of this Act) the time within which a certificate is required to be issued under that section ;

(b)for prescribing the manner in which notices of appeals under section eighteen of this Act are to be given, and the time for giving any such notice;

(c)for requiring local planning authorities to furnish the Minister, and such other persons (if any) as may be prescribed by or under the order, with such information as may be so prescribed with respect to applications under the said section seventeen or the said section nineteen, including information whether any such application has been made in respect of any particular land and information as to the manner in which any such application has been dealt with, together, in such cases as may be so prescribed, with copies of certificates issued under the said section seventeen ;

(d)for requiring a local planning authority, on issuing a certificate specifying conditions by reference to general requirements in accordance with subsection (6) of the said section seventeen, to supply a copy of those requirements (or of so much thereof as is relevant to the certificate) with each copy of the certificate, unless, before the certificate is issued, the requirements in question have been made available to the public in such manner as may be specified in the development order.