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Miscellaneous and supplemental

27Power of Minister to repeal or amend local enactments

(1)The Minister may within the period of two years beginning with the commencement of this Act by order repeal or amend any provision in any local Act passed before the commencement of this Act or in any order or other instrument made under an Act of Parliament before the commencement of this Act, where it appears to him that that provision is superseded by or inconsistent with the provisions of this Part of this Act.

(2)Before making an order under this section the Minister shall consult with any local authority, and with the council of any county, in any part of whose area the local Act or instrument is in force.

(3)An order made under this section—

(a)may contain such transitional, supplemental or incidental provisions as appear to the Minister to be expedient, and

(b)shall be made by statutory instrument.