Regulation of spaceflight etc

3Prohibition of unlicensed spaceflight etc

(1)A person must not (subject to the following provisions)—

(a)carry out spaceflight activities in the United Kingdom, or

(b)operate a spaceport in the United Kingdom,

except under the authority of a licence under this section.

(2)In this Act—

(3)In subsection (2), the reference to a site in paragraph (b) of the definition of “spaceport” does not include an installation at sea that can be moved from place to place without major dismantling or modification.

(4)A person does not require an operator licence to carry out, as employee or agent of another person, spaceflight activities that are authorised by an operator licence granted to that other person.

(5)Regulations may make further provision for the purposes of this section, including in particular—

(a)provision prescribing eligibility criteria for a licensee;

(b)provision requiring prescribed roles to be undertaken by individuals on behalf of a licensee.

“Licensee” here means the holder of a licence under this section.

(6)A person who acts in contravention of subsection (1) commits an offence.

(7)It is an offence for a person—

(a)to make a statement that the person knows to be false in a material particular, or

(b)recklessly to make a statement that is false in a material particular,

for the purpose of obtaining a licence under this section (whether for the person making the statement or anyone else).