SCHEDULEConstitution of Farriers Registration Council etc

Part 2Constitution of Investigating Committee

5For Schedule 2 to that Act substitute—

Section 13

SCHEDULE 2Constitution of the Investigating Committee


1(1)The Investigating Committee is to consist of six members appointed by the Council.

(2)At least two of the members must be registered persons.

(3)None of the members may be—

(a)a member of the Council,

(b)an officer or servant of the Council, or

(c)a member of the Disciplinary Committee.

(4)The Council must designate a member of the Investigating Committee to act as its chair.

(5)The Council may delegate its function under sub-paragraph (1) to any extent.

Term of office

2(1)Appointment as a member of the Investigating Committee is for a term determined by the Council.

(2)A member may resign at any time by notice given to the registrar.

(3)A member may be removed from office if the member fails to satisfy any conditions about fitness to be a member that are determined by the Council.

(4)The procedure for removal of a member from office is to be determined by the Council.


3(1)The quorum for a meeting of the Investigating Committee is three, of whom one must be a registered person.

(2)The Council may make rules governing the Committee’s meetings and procedure.

(3)The rules may in particular provide—

(a)for a member of the Committee to act as its chair in the absence of the member designated under paragraph 1(4);

(b)for a member acting as chair to have an additional casting vote.

Validity of acts

4The validity of anything done by the Investigating Committee is not affected by—

(a)a vacancy among its members, or

(b)a defect in the appointment of a member.