Maintained schools causing concern: conversion into Academies

9Consultation about identity of Academy sponsor in certain cases

After section 5 of the Academies Act 2010 insert—

5AConsultation about identity of Academy sponsor in certain cases

(1)This section applies where an Academy order under section 4(A1) has effect in respect of a foundation or voluntary school that has a foundation.

(2)Before entering into Academy arrangements in relation to the school the Secretary of State must consult the following about the identity of the person with whom the arrangements are to be entered into—

(a)the trustees of the school,

(b)the person or persons by whom the foundation governors are appointed, and

(c)in the case of a school which has a religious character, the appropriate religious body.

(3)In this section, “the appropriate religious body”, in relation to a school, means—

(a)in the case of a Church of England school or a Roman Catholic school, the appropriate diocesan authority;

(b)in any other case, such body or person representing the specified religion or religious denomination as is prescribed under section 88F(3)(e) of SSFA 1998.

(4)In the case of a school in relation to which there is more than one religion or religious denomination specified, references to “the appropriate religious body” are to be read as references to both or all of the bodies concerned.

(5)In subsections (3) and (4), “specified” means specified in the order under section 69(3) of SSFA 1998 relating to the school.

(6)Expressions used in this section and SSFA 1998 have the same meaning as in that Act.