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SCHEDULE 17U.K.Aqua methanol etc

PART 1 U.K.Aqua methanol

Consequential amendmentsU.K.

8In section 23C (warehousing), in subsection (4), after paragraph (d) insert—

(da)aqua methanol,.

9In section 27(1) (interpretation), before the definition of “aviation gasoline” insert—

aqua methanol” has the meaning given by section 2AC above;.

10In section 16 of FA 1994 (appeals to a tribunal), in subsection (6)(c), before “section 23(1)” insert “ or (1AC) ”.

11In paragraph 3 of Schedule 41 to FA 2008 (penalties for putting product to use that attracts higher duty), in the Table in sub-paragraph (1), at the appropriate place insert—

HODA 1979 section 20AAD(5)Mixtures containing aqua methanol.