PART 2Rogue landlords and property agents in England

CHAPTER 2Banning orders

Banning orders: key definitions

14“Banning order” and “banning order offence”

(1)In this Part “banning order” means an order, made by the First-tier Tribunal, banning a person from—

(a)letting housing in England,

(b)engaging in English letting agency work,

(c)engaging in English property management work, or

(d)doing two or more of those things.

(2)See also section 18 (which enables a banning order to include a ban on involvement in certain bodies corporate).

(3)In this Part “banning order offence” means an offence of a description specified in regulations made by the Secretary of State.

(4)Regulations under subsection (3) may, in particular, describe an offence by reference to—

(a)the nature of the offence,

(b)the characteristics of the offender,

(c)the place where the offence is committed,

(d)the circumstances in which it is committed,

(e)the court sentencing a person for the offence, or

(f)the sentence imposed.