PART 6The Children’s Commissioner

109Commissioner’s powers to enter premises

After section 2D of the Children Act 2004 (as inserted by section 108) insert—

2EPowers to enter premises to conduct interviews or observe standards

(1)This section applies for the purposes of the Children’s Commissioner’s primary function and the function under section 2D.

(2)The Children’s Commissioner, or a person authorised by the Commissioner, may at any reasonable time enter any premises, other than a private dwelling—

(a)for the purpose of interviewing a child, or

(b)for the purpose of observing the standard of care provided to children accommodated or otherwise cared for there.

(3)An interview of a child under subsection (2)(a) may be conducted in private, if the child consents.

(4)A person who enters premises under subsection (1) may interview any person present on the premises who works there.

(5)It is immaterial for the purposes of subsection (4) whether a person’s work is paid, or under a contract of employment.