SCHEDULE 6Transitional provision relating to new standard lifetime allowance for the tax year 2014-15 etc

PART 1“Individual protection 2014”

Amount B (pre-6 April 2014 benefit crystallisation events)

3(1)To determine amount B—

(a)identify each benefit crystallisation event that has occurred in relation to the individual during the period comprising the tax year 2006-07 and all subsequent tax years up to (and including) the tax year 2013-14,

(b)determine the amount which was crystallised by each of those benefit crystallisation events (applying paragraph 14 of Schedule 34 to FA 2004 if relevant), and

(c)multiply each crystallised amount by the following fraction—

where SLT is an amount equal to what the standard lifetime allowance was at the time the benefit crystallisation event in question occurred.

(2)Amount B is the sum of the crystallised amounts determined under sub-paragraph (1)(b) as adjusted under sub-paragraph (1)(c).