PART 1Care and support


77Registers of sight-impaired adults, disabled adults, etc.

(1)A local authority must establish and maintain a register of sight-impaired and severely sight-impaired adults who are ordinarily resident in its area.

(2)Regulations may specify descriptions of persons who are, or are not, to be treated as being sight-impaired or severely sight-impaired for the purposes of this section.

(3)A local authority may establish and maintain one or more registers of adults to whom subsection (4) applies, and who are ordinarily resident in the local authority’s area, for the purposes in particular of—

(a)planning the provision by the authority of services to meet needs for care and support, and

(b)monitoring changes over time in the number of adults in the authority’s area with needs for care and support and the types of needs they have.

(4)This subsection applies to an adult who—

(a)has a disability,

(b)has a physical or mental impairment which is not a disability but which gives rise, or which the authority considers may in the future give rise, to needs for care and support, or

(c)comes within any other category of persons the authority considers appropriate to include in a register of persons who have, or the authority considers may in the future have, needs for care and support.

(5)“Disability” has the meaning given by section 6 of the Equality Act 2010.