Protection of Freedoms Act 2012 Explanatory Notes

Section 31: Alteration or replacement of the code

155.This section places a duty on the Secretary of State to keep the surveillance camera code of practice under review; the Secretary of State may, in the light of such a review, amend the existing code or substitute a new code (subsection (1)). Subsection (2) requires that in making any alteration to the code or when introducing a new code the Secretary of State must again consult the persons listed in section 29(5). Subsections (3) to (9) makes provision relating to the issuing of a replacement or amended code. In particular, either House of Parliament has 40 days (excluding any period during which Parliament is not sitting for more than four days) in which to pass a resolution refusing to approve the code. If such a resolution is passed then the Secretary of State may prepare another code of practice or amended code of practice for resubmission. Where no resolution is passed, the replacement or amended code will come into force at the end of the 40-day period.

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