PART 1The health service in England

The health service: overview

7The Secretary of State’s duty as to education and training

After section 1E of the National Health Service Act 2006 insert—

1FDuty as to education and training

(1)The Secretary of State must exercise the functions of the Secretary of State under any relevant enactment so as to secure that there is an effective system for the planning and delivery of education and training to persons who are employed, or who are considering becoming employed, in an activity which involves or is connected with the provision of services as part of the health service in England.

(2)Any arrangements made with a person under this Act for the provision of services as part of that health service must include arrangements for securing that the person co-operates with the Secretary of State in the discharge of the duty under subsection (1) (or, where a Special Health Authority is discharging that duty by virtue of a direction under section 7, with the Special Health Authority).

(3)In subsection (1), “relevant enactment” means—

(a)section 63 of the Health Services and Public Health Act 1968,

(b)this Act,

(c)the Health and Social Care Act 2008,

(d)the Health Act 2009, and

(e)the Health and Social Care Act 2012.