Health and Social Care Act 2012

127Correction of mistakes

This section has no associated Explanatory Notes

(1)This section applies where the national tariff contains information that does not accord with—

(a)what Monitor and the National Health Service Commissioning Board agreed on the matter concerned, or

(b)where the matter was determined by arbitration, what was determined.

(2)Monitor must send a notice to—

(a)each clinical commissioning group,

(b)each relevant provider, and

(c)such other persons as Monitor considers appropriate.

(3)Monitor must also publish the notice.

(4)The notice must specify—

(a)the information that does not accord with what was agreed or determined,

(b)the correction required to make the information so accord, and

(c)the date on which the correction is to take effect.

(5)A date specified for the purposes of subsection (4)(c) may be earlier than the date of the notice.

(6)In this section, “relevant provider” has the meaning given in section 118(14).