PART 7 E+W+S+N.I.Value added tax

200Group supplies using an overseas memberE+W+S+N.I.

(1)VATA 1994 is amended as follows.

(2)In section 43 (groups of companies), in subsection (2C)(c), after “above” insert “ and paragraph 8A of Schedule 6 ”.

(3)In section 83 (appeals), in subsection (1)(v) for “or 2” substitute “ , 2 or 8A ”.

(4)In section 97(4) (orders requiring Parliamentary approval within 28 days of being made), in paragraph (f), after “1A(7)” insert “ or 8A(7) ”.

(5)Schedule 6 (valuation: special cases) is amended as follows.

(6)In paragraph 1 (cases where Commissioners may direct value is open market value), in sub-paragraph (5), after “paragraph”, in the second place it occurs, insert “ 8A or ”.

(7)After paragraph 8 insert—

8A(1)This paragraph applies where—

(a)a supply (“the intra-group supply”) made by a member of a group (“the supplier”) to another member of the group is, by virtue of section 43(2A), excluded from the supplies disregarded under section 43(1)(a), and

(b)the representative member of the group satisfies the Commissioners as to the value of each bought-in supply.

(2)Bought-in supply”, in relation to the intra-group supply, means a supply of services to the supplier to which section 43(2A)(c) to (e) refers, so far as that supply is used by the supplier for making the intra-group supply.

(3)The value of the intra-group supply shall be taken to be the total of the relevant amounts in relation to the bought-in supplies.

(4)The relevant amount in relation to a bought-in supply is the value of the bought-in supply, unless a direction is made under sub-paragraph (5).

(5)If the value of a bought-in supply is less than its open market value, the Commissioners may direct that the relevant amount in relation to that supply is its open market value.

(6)A direction under this paragraph must be given by notice in writing to the representative member, but no direction may be given more than 3 years after the time of the intra-group supply.

(7)The Treasury may by order vary the provision made by this Schedule about the value of supplies of the kind mentioned in sub-paragraph (1)(a).

(8)An order under sub-paragraph (7) may include incidental, supplemental, consequential or transitional provision (including provision amending section 43 or 83).

(8)The amendments made by this section have effect in relation to supplies made on or after the day on which this Act is passed.