SCHEDULE 38Tax agents: dishonest conduct

PART 6Miscellaneous provision and interpretation


37(1)“Tax” means—

(a)income tax,

(b)capital gains tax,

(c)corporation tax,

(d)construction industry deductions,


(f)insurance premium tax,

(g)inheritance tax,

(h)stamp duty land tax,

(i)stamp duty reserve tax,

(j)petroleum revenue tax,

(k)aggregates levy,

(l)climate change levy,

(m)landfill tax, and

(n)any duty of excise other than vehicle excise duty.

(2)“Construction industry deductions” means construction industry deductions under Chapter 3 of Part 3 of FA 2004.

(3)“Corporation tax” includes an amount assessable or chargeable as if it were corporation tax.

(4)“VAT” means—

(a)value added tax charged in accordance with VATA 1994,

(b)amounts recoverable under paragraph 5(2) of Schedule 11 to that Act (amounts shown on invoices as VAT), and

(c)amounts treated as VAT by virtue of regulations under section 54 of that Act (farmers etc).