Charities Act 2011


264Records of applications and certificatesE+W

(1)The Commission must keep a record of all applications for, and certificates of, incorporation under this Part.

(2)Documents sent to the Commission under this Part are to be kept by the Commission for such period as it thinks fit.

(3)Documents kept under this section are to be open to public inspection at all reasonable times.

(4)Any person who is provided with a copy or extract of any document kept under this section may require it to be certified by a certificate signed by a member of the staff of the Commission.

265Meaning of “incorporated body” and “relevant charity”E+W

In this Part—

  • incorporated body” means a body incorporated under section 251;

  • the relevant charity”, in relation to an incorporated body, means the charity the charity trustees of which have been incorporated as that body.

266Effect of provisions relating to vesting or transfer of propertyE+W

No vesting or transfer of any property in pursuance of any provision of this Part operates as a breach of a covenant or condition against alienation or gives rise to a forfeiture.