Education Act 2011

41School inspections: matters to be covered in Chief Inspector's reportE+W

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(1)In section 5 of EA 2005 (duty to inspect certain schools at prescribed intervals), for subsections (5) and (5A) (matters for report), substitute—

(5)It is the general duty of the Chief Inspector, when conducting an inspection under this section, to report on the quality of education provided in the school.

(5A)The Chief Inspector's report under subsection (5) must in particular cover—

(a)the achievement of pupils at the school;

(b)the quality of teaching in the school;

(c)the quality of the leadership in and management of the school;

(d)the behaviour and safety of pupils at the school.

(5B)In reporting under subsection (5), the Chief Inspector must consider—

(a)the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of pupils at the school;

(b)the extent to which the education provided at the school meets the needs of the range of pupils at the school, and in particular the needs of—

(i)pupils who have a disability for the purposes of the Equality Act 2010, and

(ii)pupils who have special educational needs.

(2)In consequence of subsection (1), section 154 of EIA 2006 (amendments of section 5(5) of EA 2005) is repealed.