Education Act 2011


Amendments consequential on the repeal of section 88J of SSFA 1998 (school adjudicators)E+W

4(1)Part 3 of SSFA 1998 (school admissions) is amended as follows.E+W

(2)In section 88K (sections 88H to 88J: supplementary)—

(a)in subsection (1)—

(i)at the end of paragraph (a), insert “ or ”;

(ii)omit paragraph (c) (and the “or” preceding it);

(b)for subsection (3), substitute—

(3)Where the adjudicator makes a decision mentioned in subsection (1), the adjudicator must publish a report containing—

(a)the adjudicator's decision on the objection or (as the case may be) on whether the admission arrangements conform with the requirements relating to admission arrangements, and

(b)the reasons for that decision.;

(c)in subsection (4)(a)(ii), for “to 88J” substitute “ , 88I ”;

(d)in subsection (5), for “sections 88I and 88J” substitute “ section 88I ”;

(e)in the heading, for “to 88J” substitute “ and 88I ”.

(3)Section 88L (restriction on alteration of admission arrangements following adjudicator's decision) is repealed.