Education Act 2011 Explanatory Notes

Section 71: apprenticeship certificates

343.Section 71 replaces section 6 of ASCLA 2009. The new section provides that the certifying authority for apprenticeships in England will be the person designated for that purpose by the Secretary of State. Where a person has not been designated, the Secretary of State will be the English certifying authority. Subsection (2) provides that only one person at any one time may be designated to issue apprenticeship certificates for a particular sector and subsection (3) provides that the designated person must comply with directions and have regard to guidance given by the Secretary of State. Subsection (4) allows the Secretary of State to amend or revoke the designation.

344.The effect of the amendments made by section 71 is that the Chief Executive of Skills Funding is no longer the English certifying authority. Section 6 of ASCLA 2009 is now largely similar to the arrangements for Wales in section 10 of the same Act.

345.The section also makes minor and consequential amendments to ASCLA 2009 relating to the new section 6.

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