Education Act 2011 Explanatory Notes

Pupil referral units

Section 50: financing of pupil referral units

253.Section 50 amends section 45 of SSFA 1998.

254.Section 45 provides for every maintained school in England and Wales to have a budget share allocated to it by the local authority that maintains it. This section adds a new paragraph (d) to section 45(1A) to include pupil referral units in the definition of “maintained school”. The effect is that every pupil referral unit in England will receive a budget share from the local authority that maintains it.

255.The section also modifies paragraph (a) of section 45(3) so that the reference to pupil referral units refers only to Wales, as the change introduced by this section applies to England only.

256.New paragraph (aa), is inserted after section 45(3)(a) and means that all references in Chapter 4 of Part 2 of SSFA 1998 to the governing body of a maintained school should, with respect to pupil referral units in England, be read as references to the management committee of a unit. This overrides paragraph 1 of Schedule 1 to EA 1996, which provides that references to a governing body, in relation to pupil referral units, are to be read as references to the local authority. New paragraph (ab) provides that in Chapter 4 references to governors in relation to pupil referral units are to be read as references to members of the management committee.

Section 51: repeal of provision changing name of pupil referral units

257.Section 51 repeals section 249(1) and (2) of ASCLA 2009, which have not been brought into force.

258.Section 249(1) provides that “pupil referral units” established in England under section 19(2B) of EA 1996 would, from the date when the section came into force, be known as “short stay schools”. Subsection (2) of this section repeals section 249(1), meaning that they will continue to be known as pupil referral units.

259.Section 249(2) empowers the Secretary of State to make orders to amend primary or secondary legislation so that legislation applying to pupil referral units would continue to apply notwithstanding the change of name effected by section 249(1). With the repeal of section 249(1), 249(2) is no longer needed.

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