Localism Act 2011

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15After section 36 insert—E+W

36ASubstitute calculations: England

(1)An authority in England which has made calculations in accordance with sections 31A, 31B and 34 to 36 above in relation to a financial year (originally or by way of substitute) may make calculations in substitution in relation to the year in accordance with those sections, ignoring section 31A(11) above for this purpose.

(2)None of the substitute calculations shall have any effect if—

(a)the amount calculated under section 31A(4) above, or any amount calculated under section 31B(1) or 34(2) or (3) above as the basic amount of council tax applicable to any dwelling, would exceed that so calculated in the previous calculations, or

(b)the billing authority fails to comply with subsection (3) below in making the substitute calculations.

(3)In making substitute calculations under section 31B(1) or 34(3) above, the billing authority must use any amount determined in the previous calculations for item T in section 31B(1) above or item TP in section 34(3) above.

(4)For the purposes of subsection (2)(a) above, one negative amount is to be taken to exceed another if it is closer to nil (so that minus £1 is to be taken to exceed minus £2).

(5)Subsections (2) and (3) above do not apply if the previous calculations have been quashed because of a failure to comply with sections 31A, 31B and 34 to 36 above in making the calculations.