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SCHEDULE 4E+WConduct of local government members

PART 2 E+WProvision supplementary to Part 1

Power to give directions in connection with the abolition of Standards Board for EnglandE+W

58(1)The Secretary of State may direct the Board to take such steps as the Secretary of State may specify in connection with the abolition of the Board.E+W

(2)The Secretary of State may, in particular, give directions to the Board about information held by the Board, including—

(a)directions requiring information to be transferred to another person (including to the Secretary of State);

(b)directions requiring information to be destroyed or made inaccessible.

(3)The Secretary of State may make available to the Board such facilities as the Board may reasonably require for exercising its functions by virtue of this Part of this Schedule.

(4)The Secretary of State may exercise a function of the Board for the purposes of taking steps in connection with its abolition (including functions by virtue of an order under paragraph 57).

(5)Sub-paragraph (4) does not prevent the exercise of the function by the Board.

(6)In the case of a duty of the Board, sub-paragraph (4) permits the Secretary of State to comply with that duty on behalf of the Board but does not oblige the Secretary of State to do so.