Localism Act 2011

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32(1)Amend section 80 (person ceasing to be single Commissioner) as follows.E+W

(2)Omit subsection (1) (generally, person ceases to be single Commissioner on ceasing to be a Commissioner).

(3)In subsection (2) (single Commissioner may resign by notice to Commission)—

(a)for “Commissioner” substitute “ appointed person ”, and

(b)for “Commission” substitute “ Secretary of State ”.

(4)In subsection (3) (Commission chair may remove single Commissioner)—

(a)for “person appointed to chair the Commission (“the chair”)” substitute “ Secretary of State ”,

(b)for “Commissioner” (in both places) substitute “ appointed person ”, and

(c)for “if the chair” substitute “ if the Secretary of State ”.

(5)In the heading for “Commissioner” substitute “ appointed person ”.