PART 7Housing

CHAPTER 4Housing mobility

176Standards facilitating exchange of tenancies

(1)In section 193 of the Housing and Regeneration Act 2008 (power for regulator to set standards for registered providers) in subsection (2) after paragraph (g) insert—

(ga)methods of assisting tenants to exchange tenancies,.

(2)In section 197(2) of that Act (power of Secretary of State to give directions to regulator) after paragraph (c) insert , or

(d)methods of assisting tenants to exchange tenancies.

177Assisting tenants of social landlords to become home owners

In section 122 of the Housing and Regeneration Act 2008 (registered providers of social housing in England: restriction on gifts and distributions to members etc) after subsection (5) (the third class of permitted payments) insert—

(5A)Class 4 is payments which—

(a)are in accordance with the constitution of the registered provider,

(b)are paid for the benefit of tenants of the provider, and

(c)are in any particular case paid to assist the tenant to obtain other accommodation by acquiring a freehold, or long-leasehold, interest in a dwelling.

(5B)For the purposes of subsection (5A)—