Armed Forces Act 2011

33Extent to Channel Islands, Isle of Man and British overseas territories

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(1)Her Majesty may by Order in Council provide for any of the provisions of this Act, except section 25, to extend to a territory mentioned in subsection (2) with or without modifications.

(2)Those territories are—

(a)any of the Channel Islands;

(b)the Isle of Man;

(c)any of the British overseas territories.

(3)The provisions that may be extended under subsection (1) of section 15 of the Visiting Forces Act 1952 to a territory specified in subsection (3) of that section include—

(a)section 9A of that Act (inserted by section 25 of this Act); and

(b)any Order in Council which—

(i)is made under section 1(2) of that Act in relation to section 9A of that Act; and

(ii)is in force at the coming into operation of any Order in Council made under section 15(1) of that Act which extends section 9A.