Energy Act 2011


117Amendment of section 137 of the Energy Act 2004E+W+S

In section 137(3) of the Energy Act 2004 (standard conditions of transmission licences under Part 1 of the Electricity Act 1989)—

(a)in paragraph (a) omit “or”, and

(b)after paragraph (b) insert—

(c)under the Energy Act 2008,

(d)under the Energy Act 2010, or

(e)under the Energy Act 2011,.

118Amendment and repeal of measures relating to home energy efficiencyE+W+S

(1)The Home Energy Conservation Act 1995—

(a)ceases to have effect in Scotland;

(b)ceases to apply in relation to energy conservation authorities in Wales.

(2)In section 1 of that Act (interpretation) in the definition of “energy conservation measures” after “promotion,” insert “ any available financial assistance, ”.

(3)In section 1 of the Sustainable Energy Act 2003 (annual report on progress towards sustainable energy aims)—

(a)subsection (1)(e) and the “and” immediately preceding it cease to have effect, and

(b)subsection (1AA) ceases to have effect.

(4)In section 4 of that Act (energy efficiency of residential accommodation: energy conservation authorities) subsection (13)(b) ceases to have effect.

(5)Section 217 of the Housing Act 2004 (energy efficiency of residential accommodation in England) ceases to have effect.