Energy Act 2011 Explanatory Notes

Section 18: Power to modify energy supply licences to make provision as to default in green deal payments

74.Subsection (1) provides the Secretary of State with a power to modify gas and electricity supply licences (including standard conditions incorporated in licences and documents maintained in accordance with the conditions of licences (such as industry codes) or agreements that give effect to those documents). Subsection (2) limits the power in subsection (1) so that it may only be used for the purpose of making provision for: the steps that must be taken by the holder of the licence following a bill payer’s failure to make green deal payments; the circumstances in which a licence holder may disconnect the supply to a green deal property; and enabling, in certain circumstances, a licence holder to use a security deposit paid by the bill payer to pay green deal payments to the green deal provider.

75.Subsection (3) defines ‘green deal payments’ and a ‘green deal property’ by reference to section 17(7) .

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