Police Reform and Social Responsibility Act 2011


Next steps if no vetoE+W

5(1)This paragraph applies if the police and crime panel does not veto the proposed precept.E+W

(2)The police and crime commissioner must—

(a)have regard to the report made by the panel under paragraph 3 (including any recommendations in the report),

(b)give the panel a response to the report (and any such recommendations), and

(c)publish the response.

(3)The police and crime commissioner may—

(a)issue the proposed precept as the precept for the financial year, or

(b)issue a different precept, but only if it would be in accordance with a recommendation made in the report to do so.

(4)It is for the police and crime panel to determine the manner in which a response to a report or recommendations is to be published in accordance with sub-paragraph (2)(c).