Police Reform and Social Responsibility Act 2011

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227(1)Section 32 (documents relating to police authorities etc) is amended in accordance with this paragraph.E+W

(2)In subsection (1), for the words from “relates” to the end, substitute “ relates to an elected local policing body or to a chief officer of police. ”

(3)In subsection (2)—

(a)in paragraph (a)—

(i)for the words from “relates” to “1996” substitute “ relates to one or more elected local policing bodies ”;

(ii)for “an authority” substitute “ a body ”;

(b)after paragraph (a) insert—

(aa)relates to one or more chief officers of police and has been sent (or a copy of which has been sent) by the Commission to such a chief officer..

(4)For subsection (3) substitute—

(3)In this section “chief officer of police” means—

(a)a chief constable for a police force maintained under section 2 of the Police Act 1996, and

(b)the Commissioner of Police of the Metropolis..