European Union Act 2011


17Election of additional MEPE+W+S+N.I.

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(1)The additional seat allocated to the West Midlands electoral region by virtue of section 16 is to be filled by applying subsections (5) to (9) of section 2 of the 2002 Act (voting system in Great Britain and Gibraltar) to the results of the poll at the general election of members of the European Parliament held on 4 June 2009, as if the seat had been allocated to the region at that date.

(2)Subsection (1) is subject to Schedule 2 which makes further provision about the filling of the additional seat.

(3)This section and Schedule 2—

(a)cease to have effect on the date appointed under section 4 of the 2002 Act as the date of the poll at the next general election of members of the European Parliament after the passing of this Act, and

(b)do not affect the procedure to be followed in accordance with regulations made under section 5 of the 2002 Act if, after being filled in accordance with this section and Schedule 2, the additional seat subsequently becomes vacant before that date.

(4)In this section and in Schedule 2 “the 2002 Act” means the European Parliamentary Elections Act 2002.