Finance Act 2011

66(1)If the Treasury by order declares—E+W+S+N.I.

(a)that arrangements specified in the order have been made in relation to any foreign territory with a view to affording relief from double taxation in relation to the bank levy and any equivalent foreign levy, and

(b)that it is expedient that those arrangements should have effect,

those arrangements (“double taxation arrangements”) have effect so far as they provide for relief from the bank levy.

(2)In this Part of this Schedule—

  • equivalent foreign levy”, in relation to a foreign territory, means any tax imposed by the law of that territory which corresponds to the bank levy;

  • foreign territory” means a territory outside the United Kingdom.

(3)For the purposes of sub-paragraph (2), tax may correspond to the bank levy even though—

(a)the tax is payable under the law of a province, state or other part of a country,

(b)it is levied by or on behalf of a municipality or other local body, or

(c)its proceeds form a fund used for a particular purpose.

(4)Double taxation arrangements have effect under sub-paragraph (1)—

(a)subject to the following provisions of this paragraph, and

(b)despite anything in any other enactment.

(5)This paragraph gives effect to arrangements even if they provide for relief from the bank levy for periods before the making of the arrangements or before the passing of this Act.

(6)Relief under this paragraph requires a claim.

(7)An order under this paragraph revoking an earlier order may contain transitional provisions that appear to the Treasury to be necessary or expedient.

(8)The Treasury may by regulations make provision—

(a)generally for carrying out the provisions of this paragraph or double taxation arrangements;

(b)for removing, or reducing the amount of, relief obtained by virtue of double taxation arrangements in circumstances where a scheme or arrangement of a specified description has been made or in other specified circumstances;

(c)for restricting the amount of relief allowed against an entity's liability for the bank levy for a chargeable period to an amount calculated in a specified manner.

(9)Regulations under sub-paragraph (8)(a) may, in particular, provide that where, under double taxation arrangements, the Commissioners for Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs arrive at a solution to a case, or make a mutual agreement with an authority in another territory for the resolution of a case—

(a)the Commissioners are to give effect to the solution or mutual agreement despite anything in any enactment, and

(b)any adjustment as is appropriate in consequence may be made.

(10)Regulations under this paragraph may—

(a)amend any provision made by or under an Act whenever passed or made (including this Act), and

(b)contain transitional provisions that appear to the Treasury to be necessary or expedient.

(11)Orders or regulations under this paragraph are to be made by statutory instrument.

(12)A statutory instrument containing an order or regulations under this paragraph is subject to annulment in pursuance of a resolution of the House of Commons.