Corporation Tax Act 2010

855Position where rent reducesE+W+S+N.I.
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(1)If the rent for a relevant period exceeds the rent for the following comparable period, the term of the new lease must be treated as ending on the date when the relevant period ends.

(2)For the purposes of this section—

(a)a relevant period is a rental period of the new lease ending before its fifteenth anniversary,

(b)the following comparable period (in relation to a relevant period) is the rental period which is of the same duration as the relevant period and which begins on the day following the end of the relevant period,

(c)the rent for a period is the total rent payable under the new lease in respect of the period,

(d)a rental period is a period in respect of which a payment of rent is to be made, and

(e)the fifteenth anniversary of the new lease is the fifteenth anniversary of the date on which its term begins.

(3)For the purposes of this section—

(a)all rental periods of a quarter must be treated as being of the same duration, and

(b)all rental periods of a month must be treated as being of the same duration.