Corporation Tax Act 2010 Explanatory Notes

Section 192: Condition as to repayment

759.This section provides that under certain conditions a charitable payment is not subject to a “condition as to repayment” (see section 191(3)). It is based on sections 339(3BA) and (3BB) of ICTA.

760.Subsection (6), in referring to non-charitable expenditure, rewrites the cross-reference to “section 505(4)” of ICTA in section 339(3BB) of ICTA as section 493 and section 515. Section 515 rewrites section 505(4) of ICTA and section 493 section 505(5) of ICTA. Non-charitable expenditure referred to in section 505(5) is, by implication, the same non-charitable expenditure as is referred to in section 505(4). It was considered helpful however to clarify in the rewrite that non-charitable expenditure in both the accounting period (section 505(4)) and previous accounting period (section 505(5)) are referred to by subsection (6).

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