Corporation Tax Act 2010 Explanatory Notes

Section 1002: Exceptions for certain transfers of assets or liabilities between a company and its members

2969.This section excludes two circumstances from the scope of paragraph B in section 1000. It is based on section 209(5) and (6) of ICTA.

2970.Section 209(5) and (6) of ICTA are written in slightly different terms. Subsection (5) first qualifies section 209(4) of ICTA. This qualification is rewritten in section 1021(1). Subsection (5) then goes on to disapply section 209(2)(b) of ICTA. Section 1002(1) picks up this link, which brings with it the interpretation material of section 209(7) of ICTA, rewritten in section 1021(2) and (3).

2971.Section 209(6) of ICTA is rewritten in section 1002(2) and section 1021(4). This ensures that the qualifications are located close to the rewritten provisions that they modify.

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