Corporation Tax Act 2010 Explanatory Notes

Section 587: Notice for Part to apply: joint venture group

1840.This section provides that a group UK REIT or a company UK REIT may bring a joint venture group (including a non-UK member of a joint venture group) into the regime if certain conditions are met. It is based on section 138(1) and (3) of FA 2006.

1841.This section enacts parts of SI 2007/3425. See Change 43 in Annex 1.

1842.Subsection (1)provides that the principal company of a group UK REIT may give notice that the Part is to apply in relation to property rental business carried on by the members of a joint venture group. Subsection (2) makes similar provision in relation to a company UK REIT.

1843.Giving a notice under subsection (2) does not mean that the company UK REIT is treated as giving a group notice under section 523(1). So it is not required to bring all its subsidiaries into the UK REIT regime.

1844.Subsection (6)(b) requires the “consent” of the principal company of the joint venture group. This requirement replaces the need for the notice to be “signed by the company secretary or a director”. So the section is consistent with the possibilities that the notice may be given electronically and that, following the Companies Act 2006, the company may not have a company secretary or a director.

1845.Subsection (6)(d) provides that the notice must be given to an “officer of Revenue and Customs” rather than to “the Commissioners for Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs”. See Change 5 in Annex 1.

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