Flood and Water Management Act 2010 Explanatory Notes

Construction and alteration

295.Paragraph 10 amends section 6 of the Reservoirs Act 1975 which relates to construction and alteration of large raised reservoirs.

296.Sub-paragraphs (2) to (5) amend section 6 of the Reservoirs Act 1975 so that the Act also applies to alterations to a large raised reservoir to decrease its capacity.

297.Sub-paragraph (6) adds new subsections (6A) and (6B) to section 6 of the Reservoirs Act 1975. New subsection (6A) provides that section 13 of the Reservoirs Act 1975 applies to alterations or proposed alterations to decrease the capacity of a large raised reservoir so that it is incapable of holding 10,000 cubic metres of water above the natural level of the surrounding land. New subsection (6B) allows the Minister, by order, to substitute a different volume of water for the volume specified in subsection (6A) in line with changes to the volume capacity specified in new section A1(3). An order made under new section 6(6B) is subject to the affirmative resolution procedure (see further paragraph 38 of Schedule 4).

298.Paragraph 11 makes consequential amendments to the Reservoirs Act 1975. Paragraph 11(6) also amends section 8(3) of the Reservoirs Act 1975 (powers of the enforcement authority in the event of non-compliance with the requirements as to construction or alteration of large raised reservoirs) to require the undertaker to carry out any recommendations an appointed engineer sees fit to make in the interests of safety within the periods specified in the engineer’s report. The engineer’s report must specify the period within which each recommendation contained in the report must be carried out.

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