Equality Act 2010

Partnerships (see section 44)E+W+S

7(1)This paragraph applies where A is a firm or a proposed firm.E+W+S

Relevant matterDescription of disabled person
Deciding to whom to offer a position as a partner.A person who is, or has notified A that the person may be, a candidate for the position.
A position as a partner.

A candidate for the position.

The partner who holds the position.

(2)Where a firm or proposed firm (A) is required by this Schedule to take a step in relation to an interested disabled person (B)—

(a)the cost of taking the step is to be treated as an expense of A;

(b)the extent to which B should (if B is or becomes a partner) bear the cost is not to exceed such amount as is reasonable (having regard in particular to B's entitlement to share in A's profits).