Equality Act 2010

Work to which other provisions apply

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1(1)An office or post is not a personal or public office in so far as one or more of the provisions mentioned in sub-paragraph (2)—

(a)applies in relation to the office or post, or

(b)would apply in relation to the office or post but for the operation of some other provision of this Act.

(2)Those provisions are—

(a)section 39 (employment);

(b)section 41 (contract work);

(c)section 44 (partnerships).

(d)section 45 (LLPs);

(e)section 47 (barristers);

(f)section 48 (advocates);

(g)section 55 (employment services) so far as applying to the provision of work experience within section 56(2)(a) or arrangements within section 56(2)(c) for such provision.