Equality Act 2010

The duty in relation to common parts

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5(1)This paragraph applies where A is a responsible person in relation to common parts.

(2)A must comply with the second requirement.

(3)For the purposes of this paragraph, the reference in section 20(4) to a physical feature is a reference to a physical feature of the common parts.

(4)For those purposes, the reference in section 20(4) to a disabled person is a reference to a disabled person who—

(a)is a tenant of the premises,

(b)is a unit-holder, or

(c)is otherwise entitled to occupy the premises,

and uses or intends to use the premises as the person’s only or main home.

(5)In relation to the second requirement, the relevant matter is the use of the common parts.

(6)Sub-paragraph (2) applies only if—

(a)A receives a request by or on behalf of a disabled person within sub-paragraph (4) for A to take steps to avoid the disadvantage, and

(b)the steps requested are likely to avoid or reduce the disadvantage.