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SCHEDULE 3E+W+SServices and public functions: exceptions

[F1PART 6AE+W+SMarriage of same sex couples in England and Wales


Amendments (Textual)

Marriage according to religious rites: no compulsion to solemnize etc E+W+S

25A(1)A person does not contravene section 29 only because the person—

(a)does not conduct a relevant marriage,

(b)is not present at, does not carry out, or does not otherwise participate in, a relevant marriage, or

(c)does not consent to a relevant marriage being conducted,

for the reason that the marriage is the marriage of a same sex couple.

(2)Expressions used in this paragraph and in section 2 of the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act 2013 have the same meanings in this paragraph as in that section.]