Equality Act 2010


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23(1)It is not a contravention of section 29, so far as relating to relevant discrimination, to do anything in connection with insurance business in relation to an existing insurance policy.E+W+S

(2)“Relevant discrimination” is—

(a)age discrimination;

(b)disability discrimination;

(c)gender reassignment discrimination;

(d)pregnancy and maternity discrimination;

(e)race discrimination;

(f)religious or belief-related discrimination;

(g)sex discrimination;

(h)sexual orientation discrimination.

(3)An existing insurance policy is a policy of insurance entered into before the date on which this paragraph comes into force.

(4)Sub-paragraph (1) does not apply where an existing insurance policy was renewed, or the terms of such a policy were reviewed, on or after the date on which this paragraph comes into force.

(5)A review of an existing insurance policy which was part of, or incidental to, a general reassessment by the service-provider of the pricing structure for a group of policies is not a review for the purposes of sub-paragraph (4).

(6)Insurance business” has the meaning given in paragraph 21.