Equality Act 2010 Explanatory Notes


602.This section provides a procedure for a disabled tenant or occupier of rented residential premises to seek consent to make a disability-related improvement to the premises where the lease allows a tenant to make an improvement only with the consent of the landlord. The landlord may not unreasonably withhold consent, but may place reasonable conditions on the consent. A landlord who refuses consent must set out the reasons for that refusal. In deciding whether a refusal or condition is unreasonable, the onus is on the landlord to show that it is not. This section applies to all leases of residential property used as the occupier’s or tenant’s only or main residence, other than a protected tenancy, a statutory tenancy or a secure tenancy. That is because similar rights already apply in respect of those tenancies under the Housing Acts 1980 and 1985.

603.This section applies only in England and Wales.

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