Coroners and Justice Act 2009


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(1)The Council must—

(a)monitor the operation and effect of its sentencing guidelines, and

(b)consider what conclusions can be drawn from the information obtained by virtue of paragraph (a).

(2)The Council must, in particular, discharge its duty under subsection (1)(a) with a view to drawing conclusions about—

(a)the frequency with which, and extent to which, courts depart from sentencing guidelines;

(b)the factors which influence the sentences imposed by courts;

(c)the effect of the guidelines on the promotion of consistency in sentencing;

(d)the effect of the guidelines on the promotion of public confidence in the criminal justice system.

(3)When reporting on the exercise of its functions under this section in its annual report for a financial year, the Council must include—

(a)a summary of the information obtained under subsection (1)(a), and

(b)a report of any conclusions drawn by the Council under subsection (1)(b).