Coroners and Justice Act 2009


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8(1)Section 43 of that Act (information notices) is amended as follows.E+W

(2)In subsection (1) for “, within” to the end substitute “ to furnish the Commissioner with specified information relating to the request or to compliance with the principles. ”>

(3)After that subsection insert—

(1A)In subsection (1) “specified information” means information—

(a)specified, or described, in the information notice, or

(b)falling within a category which is specified, or described, in the information notice.

(1B)The Commissioner may also specify in the information notice—

(a)the form in which the information must be furnished;

(b)the period within which, or the time and place at which, the information must be furnished.

(4)In subsection (4) for “the time” to “expire” substitute “ a period specified in an information notice under subsection (1B)(b) must not end, and a time so specified must not fall, ”>.